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Class of 1972

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Wednesday, June 7, 1972

14thedition largest class yet

The rolls of Air Force Academy alumni will increase to more than 6,940 with the graduation of the approximately 750 members of the Class of 1972.

This year's class is the 14th crop of new officers commissioned since the initial group in 1959. It also is the largest class a in the school's history. And the second lieutenants will be reporting to a variety of assignments.

Graduates hats in the air There are 379 entering pilot training after graduation while 36 go to helicopter training and 30 to navigator's school.

Another 52 grads are slated for pilot training after they earn their master's degrees under co- c operative programs with civilian universities. Another three will go to helicopter school after they receive advanced degrees and six will become navigators.

Of the 6,191 grads of the previous 13 years, 5,018 are still on active duty with the Air Force. Of the 191 grads who are listed as deceased, 60 have been killed in combat. Nineteen Academy graduates are prisoners of war in Southeast Asia and 49 are missing in action.
Other losses between graduation and present active duty totals are attributed to voluntary resignations of commissions; medical separations and retirements; Air Force Academy cadets selecting commissions in the Army, Navy and Marines and foreign graduates who returned to their countries.

Seventeen alumni have been promoted to lieutenant colonel, the highest rank to be held by a grad, and many others have been promoted to major.

Among the grads who have earned military decorations, there are seven holders of the Air Force Cross, the second highest medal for bravery that can be awarded to an airman; 140 Silver Stars, the fourth highest medal; and five Legions of Merit, the fifth highest award.

Presently there are 183 former cadets assigned to the Air Force Academy Superintendent's staff, the faculty and the Commandant of Cadets.

Ph.D.s in a variety of academic fields have been earned by 56 grads while an untold number have received their master's degrees either through a cooperative program following graduation, special scholarships, off duty studies or other Air Force educational programs.